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I had my first computer in F.2. Not long after that I started learning HTML, and consequently my first web site, which was about astronomy if I am not mistaken, came out a week later. A few months later I started learning Perl, which is a language mostly used for web programming. I joined my school's computer team the next year.

After that, I was more and more into programming. Following Perl, I learned Pascal at school, and a little bit Python, C/C++, Visual Basic and Java, although without much success. As PHP became more and more popular, I switched from Perl to PHP, which I am still constantly using. I also learned to use graphics software such as Photoshop and CorelDraw, and began creating computer graphics. During the years in secondary school, I once worked for a company as a freelance web designer, and for another company as a graphic designer for a summer job. I also worked on some freelance web programming projects which I got from various sources.

In F.5 I struggled on whether to take computer related subjects in A-level and university. After some thoughts, I decided that computer is not my cup of tea . After all, I am more interested in questioning about the truth of the world than in making use of known truths. I am that kind of person, you know.

Some of my previous work.

Web Sites for Personal Uses (discontinued)

Astronomy Online
Digital Virology Lab
(with no backups unfortunately)

Web Sites for Companies/Organizations

Il Bel Paese

山藝戶外用品公司 (discontinued)

The Marquee Company Ltd

Italian Society, CUHK
(with no backups unfortunately)

Web Applications Facebook Applications
  • Tongues - Tongues lets you tell others what languages you can speak and have learnt. You can even meet friends who speak the same languages as you do through Tongues.
  • Computer Languages - Tell others what computer languages you know and ask for help from or just share with other programmers in our forums.
Windows Applications
  • Arbores v1.0 - Arbores is a small application developed for drawing syntactic trees in the quickest and easiest way while not trying to include a lot of fancy functions.
  • Colorex v1.3 - A handy color picker designed to take up as little screen area as possible
  • PlayLister v2.0 - A playlist generator which searches for all the MP3 (and other audio types) files in a specified directory, and adds them to your .M3U playlist.
  • Snake v1.0 - You know what it is. For those who feel too bored and want something to kill time with.
  • Solarization v1.0 - A simple program introducing the Solar System, with descriptions and some data. Not really useful, I did it solely for fun =)
Java Applets Mobile Applications
  • Italiamo v1.0 - Italiamo! is a very handy Italian-English dictionary and a Hangman game in Italian. The dictionary contains 9000+ words, with entries listed under their gramamtical categories which is espceially useful for learners. Download this to your smartphone now and make your Italian learning more interesting!
  • IPA Chart v1.0 - A neat utility for revising the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), or simply use it as a reference tool.
  • AstroJewel v1.0 - My first trial in mobile programming. The classic Jewel game with the planets as "jewels".