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Syntactic tree is a useful tool in analyzing the structure of a sentence. Linguists and linguistics learners have a lot of opportunities in encountering them, and often a need in drawing them. However, drawing syntactic trees on computer without specialized tools is most often a headache, while available tools are few and not free.

Arbores is a small application thus developed for drawing trees in the quickest and easiest way while not trying to include a lot of fancy functions. It utilizes the “TreeView” control already available in Windows, and re-renders the tree in the TreeView to a syntactic tree we are used to. Therefore, you can add, remove or edit the nodes in the TreeView, just like what you do to the files and folders with the “tree” in your Windows Explorer, and an equivalent syntactic tree is drawn on-the-fly.

Arbores allows you to save your trees to AST files (Arbores Syntactic Tree files), which can be opened and edited at a later time. You can also export the trees to various image formats, which is especially useful if you want to insert the trees in web pages, Word documents or elsewhere. If you want a quick print out of the trees, Arbores can also handle that without any problem.


Download (389.79 KB)

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