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11th Jan 2002Posted in: PHP Scripts, Software 2

This software is currently NOT maintained, but you can still download and use it at your own risk.

Booklistex allows you create an organized list of your favourite books, you can keep one just for your pleasure, or share it with your family, students, friends, or colleagues.

It incorporates’s book database and its simple interface allows you to add and delete books easily.

To add a book, all you need to do is to find the book at, copy the url and paste it in the script. Booklistex will then extract the necesarry information automatically.

The script is very flexible, you can use a template to customize the appearence. The book list supports multi-page viewing. You can even set how many rows and columns each page shows.

In addition, a convertor is supplied to work with Randex. You can export the book database to a Randex database, which can show you books randomly.

Download (10.45 KB)

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  1. Janice Ritter says:

    Need to create a Movie Organizer script in PHP

  2. simon nooranvary says:


    We have just created a new script directory for listing website scripts. We have just recently launched and for now it is free to submit a listing with no return link or account registration required.

    To visit our site please go to

    Kind Regards,

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