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19th Feb 1999Posted in: Perl Scripts, Software 3

This software is currently NOT maintained, but you can still download and use it at your own risk.

A Chinese hit counter.


Download (1.12 KB)

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  1. Decio Elias says:

    Hello Thomas:
    I am an old user of Quirex and ExamMail. I wonder if you still work with Perl programming. I would like to have a few mods made on ExamMail to make it more functional (to fill my needs). Could you quote this little job for me?



  2. Thomas Tsoi says:


    Thanks for your interest, but I’m afraid I’m unable to take any programming jobs now due to my other work involvement.

  3. J0shi says:

    I like IMAGEX.. What would be an easy way to add this to the imagex template given the server has SSI with ext .shtml? ..I’ve tried all sorts of stuff but the counter gets ignored..

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