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This software is currently NOT maintained, but you can still download and use it at your own risk.

FTPex lists all the files in a specified directory on your server in a way like FTP servers. But now you can customize the layout of the page in any way you want!

FTPex was designed especially for webmasters who want to distribute files through FTP. As many Internet users still prefer using a browser to surf on all the protocols (HTTP, FTP, etc.), if you run a FTP server, many visitors would not access it with a FTP client. However, when accessing FTP servers with a browser, it will only display an ugly plain white page, and, it takes long to log on the FTP server.

FTPex solves this problem by listing all the files on the FTP server through HTTP, when a user wants to get the actual files, FTPex will redirect him to the files on the FTP server. This is much faster and preferable.

An additional function provided with FTPex is its internal text viewer. It simply displays text files on your customized page instead of actually downloading the text files.

Download (8.67 KB)

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