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PlayLister is a utility consisting of two parts, the Playlist Generator and the Playlist Converter. The former helps you create playlists, and the latter converts playlists between the formats of various media players.

In the playlist editors of most media players, only the files in a specified directory, but not those in the subdirectories, can be added at a time. This can be inconvenient when you want to add the files in all the subdirectories to a playlist.

PlayLister is useful and handy because not only can you add all the files in a specified directory recursively, it can even let you specify more than one directory to loop through and add additional files explicitly to the playlist. In addition, PlayLister rezognizes the playlists it has created, and can read them to load the directories and files that you want to add to a playlist automatically. This helps you better manage your playlists, especially when your media collection changes often and you want to keep the playlists updated.

The Playlist Converter in PlayLister can help you convert playlists to other formats.


Download (150.33 KB)

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