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7th Jan 2002Posted in: PHP Scripts, Software 14
Quirex PHP

This software is currently NOT maintained, but you can still download and use it at your own risk.

Quirex is a quiz system suitable for many uses. Whether you are a teacher who wishes to let your students take the quizzes, and have the reports emailed to you, or a web site developer who wants to have a quiz installed on your web site to give some fun to your visitors, Quirex is for you.

This script allows the quiz-taker to select the number of questions he wants to attemp. The script will take the number of questions randomly from the database and display them in random order. After the answers are submitted, a page of results will be displayed showing the quiz-taker’s answer and the correct answer of each question. It also counts the number of questions he has got correct.

In addition, the script can also keep a record of challengers, recording their names, emails, number of questions attemped and their scores, and display the results of the most recent challengers.

Download (53.85 KB)

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14 Responses

  1. s says:

    the script installed ok but the admin page does not allow me to add/view quizzes ..its keeps asking u for the admin password and shows you the same page…Does not do any actions like add(), view() i need to cnonfigure anything?
    any help appreciated

    • Thomas Tsoi says:

      It’s likely because I expected register_globals to be turned on in the script, which was written at a time when such a setting was default, but nowadays most server would have the setting turned off for security reasons, and for good security reasons. If you know a bit of PHP it shouldn’t be different to work around this problem, unfortunately I may not find the time to do that, so for now I’m afraid I have to say you have to rely on yourself.

      • alex says:

        i’ve turned register_globals on but still the same problem. The changes have been made yesterday so it’s not a timeing problem for server to update. any solutions?

  2. desbest says:

    I’m running php5, and the script does not install at all. The buttons on the installer do not work.

  3. Mike says:

    The script is great I have used it to take the test of my employee Still it works with any problem

  4. abc says:

    how to download?

  5. Todd says:

    Awsome script, works great, I love it

  6. Todd says:

    How difficult is it to reset the Correct % that I see when I view quizs? That is the percent of which the questions were answered correctly “Stats”

  7. TTT says:

    Bullshit!!! a lot of poorly coded php errors … even database script is not working

  8. Alex says:

    the script dont work, i need this is script, help me!

  9. AT-2013 says:

    The script doesn’t run. Plz!! Help. Need the script.

  10. sarastiana says:

    How do I install on blogspot?

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