University Life

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has been the university that I loved most ever since I knew about the universities. There are various reasons to it, but for the moment, let’s first skip the theories. I can explain later if I have the mood to do so.

Here’s a photo of CU which I have taken and is currently used as my wallpaper. If you love CU you may want to use it too.

Courses I’ve taken:

Year 1 – Semester 1
CHI1630 Chinese For Faculty Of Art & Edu
GEC0113 Idea Of A University
PHE1033 Squash (Men)
PHI1110 Introduction To Philosophy
PHI1310 Logic
PHI2020 History Of Chinese Philosophy I
PHY2001 Introduction To Mechanics

Year 1 – Semester 2
GEE278Z Perspectives In Medical Sciences
PHE1025 Softball (Men)
PHI2030 History Of Chinese Philosophy II
PHI2040 History Of Western Philosophy I
PHY2002 Intro To Thermodynamics & Optics
PTH1001 Putonghua I

Year 1 – Summer Semester
PHI2400 Introductory Latin

Year 2 – Semester 1
GER2130 Culture & Soc: Ger Experience
ITA1110 Italian Language: Beginners I
PHY0211 Physics Problems I
PHY2004 Quan Methods For Basic Physics
PHY2351 Basic Computational Physics
PHY2811 Physics Laboratory I
SCI2400 Intro To Astronomy & Astrophysic

Year 2 – Semester 2
ITA1210 Italian Language: Beginners II
ITA2130 Soc & Culture In Contempor Italy
MLC2034 The Evolution Of Grammar
PHY0222 Physics Problems II
PHY2003 Intro To Electricity & Magnetism
PHY2822 Physics Laboratory II
PHY3052 Thermal Physics

Year 2 – Summer Semester
GER1310 Sum Inten German: Begin’s Level

Year 3 – Semester 1
GEC0413 Senior Seminar
GER2110 German Language: Intermediate I
LIN1001 Discovering Linguistics
LIN3002 Second Language Acquisition
PHY3011 Mechanics
PHY3201 Quantum Physics I
PHY3811 Physics Laboratory III

Year 3 – Semester 2
FRE1110 French Language: Beginners I
GER1160 Sounds Of German
GER2210 German Language: Intermediate II
LIN2005 Syntax: Structure Of Language
PHY3022 Intermediate Mechanics
PHY3202 Quantum Physics II
JAS4710 Japanese Linguistics (audit)

Year 3 – Summer Semester
MAT2010 Advanced Calculus I

Year 4 – Semester 1
GER3110 German Language: Advanced I
LIN1002 Invitation To Linguistics
LIN4004 Sociolinguistics: Lang & Society
LIN4010 Comparative Grammar
THE1213 Hebrew I
SPA1110 Spanish Language: Beginners I
UGA2300 Chi From Tradition To Modernity
LIN4013 Phonology II (audit)
LING2004 Phonetics (audit)

Year 4 – Semester 2
FRE1210 French Language: Beginner II
FRE1160 Sound of French
GER3120 German Language: Advanced II
LIN3102 Semantics: Meaning in Language
LIN4007 Sign Language Studies
SPA1120 Spanish Language: Beginners II
UGB210N Surviving In The Internet Age

Year 4 – Summer Semester
PHY371SA Special Experimental Project V

Year 5 – Semester 1
ITA2110 Italian Language: Intermediate I
LIN2101 Exploring Grammar: English
LIN3101 Phonetics
LIN4011 Approaches To Discourse
LIN4012 Language Survey In The Field

Year 5 – Semester 2
LIN2102 Exploring Grammar: Cantonese
LIN3103 Morphology
LIN3104 Phonology I
LIN4017 Senior Research Thesis
LIN5105 Topics in Contemporary Chinese Linguistics

Year 5 – Summer Semester
Summer Intensive French: Intermediate Level

MSc Year 1 – Semester 1
CSC7221 Advanced Topics in Internet Technologies
CSC7281 Game Theory

MSc Year 1 – Semester 2
CSC7111 Advanced Topics in Parallel & Distributed Systems
CSC7241 Computational Tools and Technologies for Financial Application
CSC7280 Computer Game Software Production

MSc Year 2 – Semester 1
CSC7130 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

MSc Year 2 – Semester 2
CSC7272 Computer Crimes and Forensics
CSC7278 Computer and Network Security


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