Learning languages was what I got enchanted to after going to university, but my interest in learning foreign languages dated back to the years in A-level. I remember that I read a lot about ancient history at that time. I found things related to the Roman Empire especially fascinating, and this initiated my interest in learning Latin and Italian. Nonetheless, without regular courses I could not really succeed even in the start.

The university gave me a chance on that. In the summer that year 1, I took a course on Latin. In year 2, I took Italian for both semesters. Then in the summer, I took a brief course on Russian outside the university. At the same time, I attended a German intensive course in the university. Immediately after the course, I flew to Italy for an one-month’s Italian course, and then to Germany for another one-month’s German course. In year 3, I briefly attended the 3rd course of Italian, which finished my study of the language in the university (only 3 courses offered). I also continued my study of German. With the funding from the government (CEF), I started learning a bit Japanese in Nikkei also.

The study of language naturally led me to the study of linguistics. I say naturally because that, with my love of rules and patterns, linguistics is a very obvious must if I begin to get into serious contact with languages.

I would actually like to introduce a few languages which I have come across here, so watch out for updates.
A web site about linguistics and English.
Learn something about Italy and the Italian language here.

My new web site dedicated to the Teochew Dialect. Take a look!!


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    若果想學潮語, 那本初級潮語入門和你的網站足夠嗎?

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